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This AddIn is for Excel 2007 or 2010.

Before you can use this addin you must be able to open your workbooks that contain the Excel 5/95 Module Sheets by installing the HotFix Download from

To use this add-in you must enable 'Trust access to the VBA project object model' in File | Exel Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings... | Macro Settings | Developer Macro Settings options. You can deselect this option after you have completed converting the modules in all of the workbooks you need to update.

You should deselect Protect Workbook in the Review | Changes Ribbon group if the Workbook structure is protected. This may require the password used to protect the workbook.

You should remove Workbook Sharing if the workbook is shared. Unselect the "Allow changes by more than one user..."

unshare.gif allowediting.gif

Always keep a backup copy of the workbooks you are converting until the conversion has completed successfully.

To use the AddIn you can open the download FixXL5Modules.xlam in Excel and then open the workbooks you want to convert. Alternatively you can use the AddIns Manager (alt t i or in Excel Options) to browse to FixXL5Modules.xlam and select it so that it will load with Excel.

Once the AddIn is loaded it adds a button to the Home Ribbon. If the green arrow button is enabled your workbook contains Excel 5/95 Module Sheets and you can press the button to complete the conversion. If the button is disabled the Active Workbook does not contain Excel 5/95 Module Sheets and does not need conversion.

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